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Kevin Ohashi - Entrepreneur

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Ohashi.Info has Moved to KevinOhashi.com

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I will leave this up with all the content, registrar/parking data, tools and anything else.

However, all new information will be posted at


Standing Out in a Crowd

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Standing Out

Rarely do people impress me. I don't mean to come off like a prick or have an ego trip, but think about every person you saw today: 10? 25? 50? 100? 1000? 10,000? How many did you ignore, never notice, never think twice about? 99% of them? more?

Chrome Trick: Upload from URL

by kohashi
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When uploading a file that is already hosted online you can simply paste the URL into the open file address.

Upload file--> ctrl+v (http://somewhere.com/somefile.ext)

NOTE: I think it downloads and uploads it to your computer, but you don't have to bother saving and finding the file.

A Great Video about Motivation and What Drives People

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Challenge, Mastery and Making a Contribution.

Peter Sunde at Startup Weekend, Lund Sweden

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Peter Sunde, former co-founder of The Pirate Bay and current founder of Flattr.com keynoted Startup Weekend in Lund Sweden. I filmed this and sorry it's a bit soft on the volume. I recommend going to 720p and fullscreen for quality.

The Lean Startup (how to make your startup "ship" software that rocks customer's lives)

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Interview between Eric Ries and Robert Scoble. I really enjoyed this hour long interview, some of the key stuff I will quote/summarize below.

This spoke to my heart: "Software has this unbelievable quality that it is the direct translation of imagination into tangible form."

What is the Lean Startup?

  • Application of lean manufacturing principles to innovation itself
  • Test ideas early, cheaply and way in advance of building some new technology
  • Get into a learning feedback loop that is company wide
  • idea failure doesn't have to be company failure

Today's Domain Fail: ferrethandjobs.com

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They are looking for a new one it seems. Go figure.

40 Times Less Server Load - How One Bad Line of Code Crashed My Server

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This is a tale of cron jobs, data mining and algorithms.
Our story begins with a data mining script I wrote to do research for my Master's Thesis (investigating social media buzz - still in early stages, will post more details as it progresses and/or drives me progressively more insane).

An Open Letter to Ted Olson of SmartName/BuyDomains/Afternic/NameMedia

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Dear Ted,
I am glad you learned how to use email: it's hard and we all make mistakes.

Now quit your deceptive email marketing.

What are you talking about you say?

Lesson 1: I never opted into your email newsletter. Just because you put an opt-out doesn't make it OK to subscribe me. If everyone operated in this way we would all get even more spam. Do you know why all those email services that handle it professionally do double opt-in? Because people hate your spam.

The Serial and the Circumstantial Entrepreneur - The Two Types of Entrepreneurs

by kohashi
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Note: this is just an exploratory piece on my experiences and perceptions of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs; all feedback, stories and opinions are welcome.

A little background on me (context does matter in my opinion) is that I have been one of those kids that always dreamed about having their own company/business and started back in middle school with this 'web' thing. I recently finished a Master's in Entrepreneurship from Lund University. I would self-define myself in the serial entrepreneur category.

Can you teach entrepreneurship?

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